There is ONE fundamental core-message in my work, a basic truth, that I will never-ever tire from repeating. This is partly because it is also one of the greatest misperceptions of what our relationship with food and body is really about, and how we can attain much-desired freedom from our struggles. 

The truth that changes everything is this: 


If you have been following my work for a while, I am pretty sure that this doesn’t come as a surprise or big news to you! But I’m writing to you today to take this basic premise one step further -rather, deeper. 

As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words, so here is one that I created for you, to help you become clearer on what the real, inner roots of your challenges with food and body are; the Iceberg of Women’s Food, Weight & Body-Image Issues. 

As you can see, Diet and Exercise -the two areas we are being constantly encouraged to focus on exclusively, and manipulate intensely, when we struggle with eating and body-image- are but the tip of the iceberg; the external, surface-level manifestation of much deeper issues, hidden below the surface, on the inside. 

These inner root-causes range from our alienation from our bodies’ wisdom and natural hunger/satiety signals to wounds, traumas and challenging past experiences, no matter how ‘small’, that we have never processed and brought healing to. Things that might seem unrelated, which we might be taking as a given, consider ‘normal’, or ‘just how things are’ are the very reasons we struggle for so long and feel like nothing is working. 

We live in a ‘fast-food’ society and are deeply conditioned to look for the easy way out, the fast-track, the short-cut. But, when it comes to your relationship with food and your body, short-cuts have equally short-lived results. 

Both through my personal food and body journey, and through my work with clients who face similar challenges, I have realised without the slightest doubt, that: 


An initiation into a more complete, whole and real version of ourselves. A reclamation of parts of ourselves, our psyches and our bodies that we have deemed unacceptable and have pushed down into the dark depths of our being. 

They are an invitation to grow immensely, turn around and face all that we have been running away from our whole lives, take the plaster off the wound and take time to tend to it, with care, patience and a lot of heart. 

I have recently had the pleasure to be a guest expert in a beautiful Facebook group and speak about this topic in greater depth via FB live. You can now watch the video on my Youtube channel. I hope it serves you well.