Since I expanded my work into the online world, I have had the great pleasure to participate as a guest in several programmes, summits and podcasts, and speak about my greatest passion: breaking free from food, weight and body-image issues, once and for all, from the inside out.

I’ve enjoyed them all, but there are a few that have a special place in my heart. One of those has been my recent chat with Misfit to Maven Coach & Author, Ebonie Allard, on her podcast ‘Adulting with Ebonie’!

I love Ebonie’s podcast, because the conversations are all real, authentic and deep –and ours was as well. On the episode, we were not two ‘experts’ speaking, we were two women who have both had their own personal journeys and difficulties with food, weight and body, and shared what we have learnt through them. We also got to talk about one of my absolute favourite topics, when it comes to this work: what it means, looks and feels like to be an adult!

We all have several parts of ourselves (psychology calls them sub-personalities) that guide our choices, thoughts and behaviours, both in terms of food and body, and otherwise. Three of the most significant and powerful ones are the inner child, the inner parent and the inner adult. Most of us unknowingly operate from either the inner parent or the inner child, regardless of our chronological age, and that’s one of the main reasons we keep struggling indefinitely.

Listen in to find out what each of these parts is and how you can start ‘growing up’ in your body and life –and much, much more.

Fav quotes from this episode:

“If you deny that you have needs or desires, they are not going to go away!”

“It starts with a conversation… awareness is one thing, but connecting and sharing is how to make a change”

“Hey body, why do you not feel good?!”

“Our relationship with our bodies is an actual relationship – it’s two sided and what you put into it, you will get back!”

“Fuck you, I wanna eat pizza every single day!”

“I am an adult but I still don’t know exactly how much my income and expenses are every month!”


In this episode we talk about:

  • Women’s relationships with food and their perceived secret battles
  • Why it is important to be in touch with yourself above all else
  • How self care is not selfish!
  • Behaviours such as eating disorders and disordered thinking around food
  • How to listen and engage with your internal dialogue
  • What being an adult in your body looks like


Plus, listen to us chat about why adulting isn’t about being the inner parent, and what it feels like when your inner child rebels. We share our thoughts on why what you think being an adult is about is wrong, and what Queens eat for dinner (*hint* it probably includes pizza)!

Let us know your thoughts and take-aways in the comments below!