I recently did an interview as part of the World Health Heroes Wellbeing Show. I’ve been a member of World Health Heroes for the last 6 months and feel so privileged to be part of their innovative movement.

If you’re new to World Health Heroes, I’d really love to take this opportunity to introduce you to them and their incredible work that is so near and dear to my heart. The WHH Directory & Clinic brings together heart-centred complementary and mental health professionals to give those on lower incomes or those who have found themselves unemployed due to ill health the chance to access life-changing therapies. This whole initiative has been built by an amazing guy, Owen Morgan, who calls therapist-members ‘heroes’, but he and his team are the real wellbeing warriors -their passion and energies in bringing lasting transformation to as many people as possible is mind-blowing!

In my interview the lovely Carla-Jo, I spoke about my background – my training as a Jungian and Somatic psychotherapist; my enthusiasm for coaching approaches; integrating spirituality into my sessions with clients – essentially, everything I’ve learned and found useful from years of personal and professional experience, and all that makes Body Prema the deep, powerful work that it is.

Our bodies are so wise and intelligent – far more than we give them credit for. Part of the problem we face, though, is that the world we live in trains us to disconnect from our physical self, to ignore our body’s instincts and to live in our heads instead. Society teaches us that the body is impulsive – unreliable, even – and the head – the home of ‘reason’ and ‘logic’, or so we’re conditioned to believe – is somehow superior. I wanted to talk about how my personal, body-inclusive approach to treating eating and body-image difficulties endeavours to bring body and mind together to help heal the root-causes of these difficulties, rather than the superficial symptoms.

We also talked about fear; the fear that people hold about going deep inside themselves and confronting those issues – issues which almost all women have, to a degree, and which manifest themselves in difficult and complex relationships with food and dissatisfaction with our bodies. But in order to see lasting change and satisfaction with ourselves, growing over time to full-bodied acceptance and self-love, this deep soul work is vital.

Watch our video interview here, to find out more about WHH and its mission, as well as how making a commitment to tune into your body could be the best decision you ever make!