I have a vision for you…

I envision you being so in tune with your Body, that you never-ever need to have a second thought about what, when and how much to eat again.
I envision you seeing Food as living and sacred, as you Body’s and Soul’s medicine, as an offering from the Earth, as your connection with the Earth.
I sense so much pleasure in every single bite you’re having, such rich sensation; your tastebuds on fire, fireworks of sensual enjoyment exploding in your mouth, your whole Body orgasmically receiving the nourishment, the goodness.
I see you being so comfortable in your body, so ‘at home’ in your skin and flesh, like nothing had ever shaken this natural state of being; your birthright.
I envision you inhabiting every single part and inch of your Body, owning it so completely, acknowledging it as your own, as *you*, not excluding any of it.
I see you walking, grounded and present, firmly and lovingly touching the Earth with your feet, embodying the knowing that this is where you are supposed to be; that you have the right to be here; that this is your ground, and you have the right to hold it; that this is YOUR Body and it’s allowed to take up as much space as it wants to.
I see you dressing in the clothes that make you feel uniquely YOU. Beautiful. Comfortable. Simple or extravagant. A Goddess unlike any other.
I envision your Body being soft and strong at the same time, firm and fluid, juicy and full, long and lean, all at once, wherever and whenever it needs to. Being ALL THERE IS.
I see it changing with the Seasons, changing with Life, changing as you change, without its ever-changing, flexible shape and size affecting in any way your deep Love and Appreciation of it.
I see you talking with your Body every single day; a communication that is equal, respectful, understanding. Collaborative.
I envision you seeing and feeling and treating your Body with such deep LOVE, such Kindness and Care, just like you’d do with your Lover. Or your Child. Or both.
I see you bringing your most loving touch to those areas of your Body and Soul that you once thought were bad, dirty, so scary. Those are your treasure now. Your Gold. I see you having transformed your deepest wounds, your darkest shadows and most secret fears into the source of your immense Power and Compassion; your gifts, your beauty, your essence. You did it. I knew you would.
I see the Fire in your Belly and in your Eyes burning bright, but not burning you.
I envision you embodying your full, real Power; that which was previously held hostage by people and experiences, energies and voices from the past. I see you having taken it all back, right into your Core. It’s yours now, all of it.
Your Body and your Appearance are now the manifestation of this Power, not its origin. It’s origin is YOU.
I see you checking into your Womb and Heart every time you are to make a decision, without an ounce of doubt about the guidance you receive. Because now you know that your Feminine Soul, dwelling in your Body, is so much wiser, so much more knowing and real than your mind could ever be.
I see every cell in your Body vibrating with life, with sacred energy; I see you being ecstatically alive, radiantly awake, a gorgeous, sensual Goddess making LOVE with LIFE every moment of every day; not losing your connection and awe for a second, not going on auto-pilot for even a breath.
I see you being the Woman that you have always wanted to be, because this is the Woman that you have always been, at your Core.
And now you’ve removed the barriers that were holding you back from being Her.
I envision you being the Embodied, Empowered, Free and Whole Woman, the SoulBodied Goddess, Queen, Mother, Warrior, Healer, Sister that we are birthing here together.
I hold this vision for you.
I see you in it.
And I would be honored to guide you there.

If you are ready to step into this vision with me, find out how we can work together, to turn this vision into a living reality, for you, for us all..