If there was just one thing I could ever share with you, this would be it:

Your Body speaks your Soul.

This is the vision that guides all of my work.

What I do is centered around the forgotten truth that the body is SO much more than flesh and bones, muscles and fat, inches and pounds. That our physical body is, really, synonymous, with our soul and psyche, and at the same time, the vessel for their expression. I live for the time when we know that we cannot separate one from the other, we cannot (wholly and deeply) work with and transform one without the other.

I strive to share the message that the difficulties we face with food and body are a surface-level manifestation, a symptom, of deeper, inner challenges on the level of soul and psyche. Which is why nutrition and exercise alone will never be the answer. I am passionate about us realising that these struggles are messages from our soul, inviting us (often dragging us) toward greater balance and wholeness.

From this perspective, our bodies are not a problem to be solved, but a solution to, pretty much, everything.

I envision a world in which human beings are at peace with and so deeply connected to their (soul)bodies that there is no space whatsoever for doubt, hostility or aggression toward them. Where we treat the body with huge respect and reverence -bowing to it not for its appearance, but for ALL it really is and holds; our whole story and life experiences, our essence and all the parts of ourselves that make us who we are -especially the well-hidden ones.

I work with womxn who struggle with food and their bodies. I help them break free from limitation, bring healing to past wounds and discover greater freedom around their eating and body-image. What we actually do though, on a much deeper level, together, is re-membering the true, inner nature of their Body and learning to speak its forgotten language -that of Soul. This, alone, has the potential to change everything.

Your Body speaks your Soul.