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Food & Body Freedom Alchemy


~ Your Body speaks your Soul ~  


Heal the True, Inner Roots of your Eating & Body-Image Challenges.

Transform your Relationship with Food & your Body

into a Lifelong Love Affair! 


I’m honoured and excited that you are interested in finding out more about working with me!

Food & Body Freedom Alchemy, my personal approach to the treatment of womxn’s food & body challenges, is the culmination of 15 years of personal and professional experience.

In it, I’ve brought together my professional background in the fields of Womxn’s Eating & Body-Image Psychology, Jungian/Somatic Psychotherapy, Embodiment & Healing Movement, Chakra Therapy & Goddess/Earth-based Spirituality, as well as everything I’ve learnt on my own healing journey from long-term eating and body-image issues, to help you heal your relationship with Food and your Body, once and for all -from the inside out



You’re in the right place, if…


  • You have been struggling with Food, Weight and your Body for a quite some time, and most likely, in secret. This might be manifesting as an actual Eating Disorder, such as Anorexia, Bulimia and Binge-Eating, other eating difficulties, such as Chronic Dieting, Yo-Yo Dieting/Diet-Bingeing, Emotional Eating, Overeating, Orthorexia/Healthy Eating Obsession, and/or Body-Image issues, such as negative Body-Image, Body Shame, Exercise Addiction. 
  • You have seemingly tried anything and everything in terms of diets and exercise, but nothing has really worked in the long run.. 
  • Your life looks great on the outside and no one would ever suspect that you’re struggling on the inside. You are working really hard to keep everything under control, be ‘successful’ and maintain a certain image of yourself, and you are worried about and averse toward the thought that people might find out what you are really going through on the inside. 
  • Your relationship with food is complicated and difficult: you may be thinking about it all day long; have a long list of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods, and your days may be separated into ‘good’ and ‘bad’, depending on what/how much you’ve eaten; you may have a love-hate relationship with it -food may feel like your worst, most feared enemy, and you best, closest, secret friend, at the same time; you may be afraid of your hunger and believe that, if you let yourself eat anything you want, you will never stop. 
  • You are struggling with negative body-image and body shame -your body size and shape may be a source of discomfort in your day-to-day life, and it may be holding you back from doing the things that you enjoy, and living the life you desire.
  • You find it hard to silence the voice of your inner critic that convinces you that you’re ‘not good/skinny/pretty/attractive/smart/interesting/you-name-it enough‘, and constantly compares you with other womxn around you.
  • You are passionate about self-growth, spirituality, healing and transformation. You may have already done a lot of work on yourself, have had therapy or coaching before, but it may have not touched your relationship with Food & your Body the way you are hoping for.
  • And…there is nothing that you desire more than to finally make PEACE with and feel FREE around Food and your Body, for good! 



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Click here to read the Body Prema™ Manifesto


What is possible for you, at the end of our work together:


  • Enjoy a completely transformed relationship with Food and your Body, from one of Competition and Hostility, to one of Collaboration and Partnership
  • Renounce all rules, diets and deprivation, and be able to receive, trust and follow your Body’s guidance only, as to when, how much, and what to eat. 
  • Become intimately familiar with your unique constitution, personal needs and desires, so that you know how to take care of yourself and your body, to continue to thrive!
  • Feel fully comfortable and confident in your skin and flesh!
  • Deeply accept, love and appreciate every part of your body and every aspect of yourself -including those that you may now see as unacceptable or unbearable.
  • Develop a real, unshakable sense of inner power, self-esteem and self-approval that is not attached to how you look and how much you weigh. 
  • Awaken to the magic and mystical powers of your Body –develop deep reverence and respect for your Body.
  • Awaken and embody the archetypes of the Divine Feminine within you, helping you develop the sides of yourself that are dormant, and heal those that are in excess, so that you become a complete, whole, balanced, powerful Woman and be able to step confidently and powerfully into your life. 
  • Enjoy a balanced, fulfilling, juicy life on all levels! See every area of your life and all your relationships improve significantly -starting with the one with yourself. Your relationship with Food and your Body is always a reflection of your relationship with yourself and Life.



 Ready to explore the possibility of working together? 


The first step is to book your initial, Discovery/Food & Body Breakthrough 70-min Session.

This session will offer us the chance to discuss in depth your needs and desires, the Food & Body-Image challenges that you are looking for help with, and how I can support you. I will help you understand the real reasons you are struggling, the areas of your relationship with Food and your Body you most need to address, and share my suggestions as to how to do that -so, even if we don’t continue working together, you will leave with a deeper understanding of your difficulties and guidance on moving forward.  

At the end of the session, we will decide whether we are a good fit and would like to start working together on a regular basis, through the program/package that is best for you. 


Ways to work with me

You can work with me from anywhere in the world via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. I also offer face-to-face sessions in London, UK,  from two locations: Mayfair, W1K & South Kensington, SW7 , as well as in Glastonbury BA6

Please note: During the coronavirus outbreak, I only offer online appointments.

The Discovery/Breakthrough Session is set at £90.

Email me at:, to schedule your session, and I cannot wait to connect with you and support you on your journey! 

“I cannot recommend Stella highly enough. The whole process has been a real blessing in my life.


I struggled with eating issues for several years, until I reached the point where I was fed up with myself, with my behaviour and with my life patterns. I told myself so many times that I was going to “sort this out on my own”, that “from tomorrow I will stop doing what I’m doing”, and so on. The truth is that without the help of a wonderful professional like Stella, I would have never truly closed that chapter of my life. Stella gave me the right tools to actually change my life and to overcome personal difficulties that I thought I was never going to be able to face. I would recommend working with Stella to everyone. Stella’s approach will help you rediscover yourself, understand yourself better and therefore improve your life.

At my lowest point, all I wanted was “to blossom”. I had this whole idea of getting rid of all those fears and conjectures that made me feel “never enough” and “trapped”; I wanted to flourish, I wanted to be proud of myself, to cherish the person I am.

Well, that’s what Stella helped me do: blossom! And I’ll be forever grateful for that!”


“Working with Stella has helped change my life beyond recognition.


I’ve worked through blocks I didn’t know I had and feel so much freer than I believed possible. Stella’s warmth, caring and insight made is easy for me to truly trust her early in our work together and has allowed me to make significant shifts in a short time frame. She’s never pushy or demanding and is wholly focused on what moves you forward. She’s comfortable in being fluid in where the conversation leads but can also gently guide it back on track. I love her blend of old and new world.

If I could describe Stella
’s method I would say this: compassion, acceptance and wise in a way that feels fresh. I wasn’t sure how sessions on Skype would work but they have been every bit as powerful as having them in-person, which has allowed us to continue with our work, regardless of life circumstances; this is a huge benefit.

I absolutely recommend working with Stella, you have so much to gain.”



“Working with Stella has changed my life. I strongly believe I couldn’t be in the place I’m in right now without her help.


In the beginning, I was embarrassed and terrified. I was hesitant about actually making the commitment, which would mean taking an irreversible step away from my old life. I had been struggling with food and body-image issues for many years and, after several failed attempts to get better, I finally accepted I couldn’t do it alone. I realised I needed professional help.

Working with Stella helped me develop my ability to just be; to be comfortable in my skin, my surroundings and with the challenges that come my way.
From this came the end to my eating struggles, improvement in the relationships in my life and a general happiness I hadn’t felt in years. The assignments Stella gave me and her feedback were extremely helpful. Learning to listen to my body and get out of my head is something I will use for the rest of my life.

I will be eternally grateful to Stella for her help and I would strongly urge anyone in a similar position to give her a chance to help them too!”


*Clients’ full names have been concealed, to protect their confidentiality, in the context of Stella’s former psychotherapy practice.