As we’re now just one day before the New Year’s Eve, I would love to offer you some support and step-by-step guidance for the days to come, which can be quite challenging, especially if you are concerned about food, your weight and body.

From tomorrow onward, big, shared meals will make it back into our daily reality, with the over-abundance of food that always comes along. And, as lovely, fun and connecting these occasions can (and should) be, they can also bring up so much anxiety, worry and pressure for us, before, during and after the meal –they definitely have done so for me, in the past.

Some of you will be worried that you’re going to over-indulge, over-eat, and put on weight, as a result –which you know is bound to make you feel guilty and resentful minutes later..

Others of you might already be determined to suppress your appetite and desire, and eat very little, very ‘clean’, very neatly –which might help you feel ‘safe’, but will also take away all the pleasure, relaxation and enjoyment that are the whole point of such celebrations.. And that’s such a shame.

So, what can you do differently this year, so as to both enjoy to the fullest these beautiful moments, and not have to worry about the consequences either?

KEEP YOUR BLOOD SUGAR STABLE: Eat often throughout the day and do NOT skip meals, so as to not allow your blood sugar to drop. Low blood sugar makes you feel weak and jittery, and you’re much more likely to overeat and binge on sugary and fatty foods, simply because your body is desperate for energy.

DO AN EMOTIONAL CHECK-IN BEFORE YOU LEAVE HOME: Take 5-10’ to check in with yourself, notice how you feel inside your body, and become aware of what emotions are already present for you. Is there anxiety, fear, worry? Breathe with your emotions, acknowledge them and give them room to ‘be’, and then see what support you need, as you feel them. What would make you feel better and help you relax? Do that! (it doesn’t need to take long; just 5’ of conscious self-care can make a HUGE difference)

{If you’d like some help with that, I have recorded an Emotional Awareness & Self-Care Practice, in which I guide you, step-by-step, in connecting with your Emotions and bringing support to yourself. You can download it for FREE right hereno opt-in required!}

TAKE THE PRESSURE OFF OF YOURSELF: Become fully aware of the expectations you have of yourself, in terms of eating, and how much pressure you have placed on yourself around eating or not eating a certain amount/food. Consciously release that and replace it with the intention to have fun, and prioritize pleasure and enjoyment above all else! The more pressure you put on yourself, the more likely you are to rebel, either on the day or later on. It’s a law of nature: the harder the pressure you put on something, the harder it’s going to bounce back.

Consider this: if for one day, weight and body was not an issue for you, how would you feel and behave? Let this day be today. (and then tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow…)

BE AS PRESENT AS YOU CAN AT THE MEAL: Tune out of your mind and into your body. The quickest way to bring yourself back into the present moment is to tune into your senses: notice what you see, hear, smell and feel. Draw your energy downwards, from your head into your body. Do not engage with negative, judgmental thoughts -just allow them to pass, if they come up. Be where you are. 

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY WHEN CHOOSING WHAT & HOW MUCH TO EAT: Instead of following your mind’s rules around what’s good or bad to eat, shift your attention into your body and take a moment to listen to what it is naturally drawn to. {Use the Body Prema Body Scan, included in the FREE Body Prema Starter Kit that you can download here, to help you with that!} Do not judge, just follow. If anything was allowed, what would you choose to have? Give yourself permission to go for it. Create a plate that you love looking at and stimulates your senses. 

SAVOR THE FOOD, INDULGE YOUR SENSES: Enjoy the food with all your senses, appreciating every bite fully, taking as much pleasure as possible in the look, smell and taste of it. Be interested, be present. Contrary to what you might believe, the more present you are and the more *conscious* pleasure you allow yourself to derive from food, the easier it will be to stop when you’ve had enough and the better and faster your metabolism will work –which, in combination, will make you much less likely to put on weight as a result. 😉

REGULAR CHECK-INS: Check in regularly with yourself and your body, both to identify whether and when you’re full, but also to be aware of how you’re feeling, and whether there are emotions or thoughts that might require your attention. Simply becoming conscious of what is present for you, at any given moment, and taking a few deep breaths, or a short bathroom break, to reconnect, relax and remind yourself of any of the above steps/intentions, can help you to maintain the right mindset and continue to provide ongoing support to yourself.

REFLECT & SELF-LOVE: After the meal, reflect on what was different for you, what was helpful and what was challenging (and let me know in the comments, so that I can support you further!) and engage again in some self-care, while offering yourself unconditional acceptance, compassion and loving care, no matter what happened. Remember: the first time you try anything new will always feel weird and more or less uncomfortable. Be patient and kind with yourself -you’re learning!

So, let us know in the comments, what are you worried about, in terms of food and your body, during these festive days? Which of the above ideas and practices most resonate with you? What are you planning to do, in order to make the most out of these holidays? 

I hope you have an incredible joyous, deeply pleasurable and divinely relaxed and peaceful New Year!! 





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