So, you’ve been hearing me talk about the Chakras a lot lately and you might be wondering…

What are the Chakras, and why are they so important, when it comes to Food, Weight and Body-Image issues?


The chakras are the energy centers in our body, and they are located on a vertical axis along the spine. They were first discovered by Indian rishis (seers) in deep mediation, thousands of years ago, but different manifestations of them are to be found in all the major spiritual traditions.

The chakras’ function is to receive, assimilate and emit vital energy or life force -the energy that keeps us alive and fuels our every move and interaction in life.

It is said that there are more than 100 chakras in the human body, but seven of them are the most significant; each one is associated with an element of nature (earth, water, fire, air, ether/sound, light, consciousness/thought), a specific area of the body -covering our whole physical body, from our feet to the crown of our head- and with certain aspects of human life and experience.

Each chakra is also linked with one (or more) of our basic needs and rights in life. It is these exact needs that, when left unmet, unconsciously lead us to try and satisfy them in alternative, and not always healthy ways, one of which is using -or abusing- Food and our Body.

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The free flow of energy through the chakras is essential and is what determines the state of our physical and mental health, our emotional balance and sense of spiritual connection. However, we all have imbalances in our energy centers, strengths and weaknesses, as a result of our unique personality, in combination with our personal upbringing and life story.

My Chakra Psychology teacher, Anodea Judith, describes the Chakra System as ‘the architecture of the Soul’. And it really is the most complete and accurate map of the Psyche, allowing us to see very clearly where the source of our challenges lies and exactly what we need to do about it, in any area of our Life. 

So, what do the Chakras have to do with our relationship with Food, Weight and Body?

Well, pretty much everything! Every Food, Weight and Body-Image Issue is, really, a manifestation of a deeper imbalance or block, in one or more of our Chakras. This is where it all begins from, and where real Transformation and lasting Freedom can only come from.

There are three different states a chakra’s function can be in, at any given time: the balanced state (desired), the excessive (overcharged, too ‘strong’) and the deficient (undercharged, ‘weak’) one.

For example,  if a woman has an excessive second chakra, which is the realm of our emotions, taste and pleasure, she is likely to have difficulty dealing with her, often very strong, emotions in a healthy way, and she might try to discharge the excess emotional energy, or comfort herself, by using (or abusing) food. This is where the term ’emotional (over)eating’ comes from. 

On the contrary, somebody with an excessive third chakra, the center of our will-power, control and discipline, is likely to be extremely strict and harsh towards herself, in terms of food and her body. This is the woman what will diet all the time, follow endless rules, and push her body, in exercise and otherwise, beyond its limits, without paying any attention to her real needs, often to the point of burn-out and exhaustion. 

You might be surprised to know (I definitely was!) that even our body shape and size is really the result of our unique chakra constitution, the manifestation of our strengths and weaknesses, blocks and imbalances in these centers! 

Paraphrasing Rumi

Your task is not to seek for {body and self} love {and food and body freedom},

but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it


The weight, the inches, the body shape and size you dislike, the food that you eat and do not eat…everything you’ve been trying so hard to work on and change is simply the symptom of those deeper issues, blocks or imbalances, that are only to be found on the inside, not the outside. 

You can spend your whole life trying to treat (rather, fight) the symptom, but unless you go deep into the root causes, the inner root causes of your Food & Body struggles, on a soul level, and bring true healing and transformation there, the symptom is bound to keep coming back, in one manifestation or another.

On the contrary, when you resolve the real core issue(s), the symptom dissipates naturally and effortlessly –and more importantly, permanently.

Food and Body Freedom is your birthright, your natural state of being, when you discover and lovingly break through what’s really standing in the way… 

Working on the Chakras and restoring the balance in each one of them will do just that: take away the barriers, remove the blocks that prevent you from being at Peace with Food, perfectly happy with your Body, at your naturally ideal Weight and in Love with yourself and your Life! 

This is the deep work, the ultimate work, that will set you Free, for good. 

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