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What you will be learning


  • All the details and characteristics of each one of the 7 major Chakras (name, location in the body, aspects of personality and areas of life they relate to, qualities when balanced and imbalanced)
  • What specific Food, Weight and Body-Image issues manifest as a result of imbalances in each Chakra
  • What Body Types, Shapes and Sizes are related to certain strengths and weaknesses in each center
  • What you need to do, to strengthen the underdeveloped Chakras and manage the overcharged ones, to restore the balance, heal the real roots of your difficulties, once and for all, and enjoy lasting Food and Body Freedom.


How it works


On each of the 7 days after you’ve registered you will be getting via email:  

  • A super-rich, 10-page PDF guide, in which you will find everything you need to know about each Chakra, as it relates to Food, Weight and Body-Image issues
  • The link to a recorded VIDEO, discussing in great depth each day’s material, and giving you additional information, real-life examples and suggestions, as well as answering people’s questions -which are highly likely to be your questions too! 
    {These videos were part of a 7-Day Chakras, Food & Body Challenge, and were initially streamed LIVE on Facebook