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I believe your Body is beautiful, sacred and miraculous!


I believe it is your birthright to live totally FREE from Food concerns, fully comfortable and confident in your skin, treating yourself like the sacred being you really are.


I believe you deserve this. I know you can have it. 


And it would be my greatest pleasure and honour to guide you there.

Hello, friend!

I’m so happy and honoured that you are here and want to find out more about me! My name is Stella Stathi and my greatest passion and life’s mission is helping heart-centered womxn deepen and heal their relationship with Food and their Bodies, from the inside out, through embodied, alchemical Soul-Work. 

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There are two things that make me deeply passionate about this work and in a position to support you on your journey to Food and Body Freedom:


  • My personal story

  • And my professional journey

Let’s begin with the first… (OR jump straight into the professional bit! )


The beginning…

I was born and raised in a family where chronic dieting, weight-loss talk and body-loathing were a daily reality -every single woman in my close family has had food and body-image issues. This is so common for many of us -unfortunately, food and body-image issues do run in families.

My journey started with emotional overeating at the age of 7 and continued with my first diet at the age of 9. I continued dieting, on and off, throughout my teenage years, until, at 17, following a heartbreak (what is known as a “trigger event” in the psychology of eating disorders), I started restricting extremely, to the point of going through whole days with just a fruit or salad…and lots of coffee!

For the next 8 years, my life was taken over by dieting and compulsive exercise. My mood and my days’ course would be solely determined by the number I saw on the scales or my findings when I’d body-check.  After some time of ‘successful’ dieting, I started experiencing more and more frequent binge episodes, where I would let my guard down and eat everything I had deprived myself of for so long. Those would be followed by intense guilt and shame, which would lead me into stricter restriction, which would then lead me to more bingeing…Misled by the, anything but uncommon, belief that it was my lack of willpower that was the problem, I found myself caught up in the diet-binge cycle so many of us struggle with.

At the same time, the voice of my “inner critic” -the part inside of us that is conditioned to undermine, judge and attack us- was getting harsher and harsher, having turned into the guiding principle of my life. My core story was one of “not enough” and I was working really hard every day to prove the opposite. The worst part? I really thought that was ‘normal’. Normal and inevitable. 


The turning point

It took me something less than a decade to realise how much harm I was causing myself and decide that it was time to do something about it. My turning point was a combination of three crucial realisations:

  • I reached a point of complete exhaustion; the chronic neglect I had shown myself and my body, and my unkind and pleasure-deficient eating and exercise habits, had completely drained my system and, as I was to find out later, I was living purely on adrenaline (in other words, my body’s fuel was stress..)
  • I felt like a fraud; I had been holding the role of the go-to person for health and wellness matters, and was dreaming of guiding and teaching people on it professionally, but how could I possibly do that, when I was anything but walking my talk in my personal life?
  • All my relationships were suffering. When thoughts and behaviours about food and body take up so much space in our minds and days, what really matters and makes our lives worth living -our connections with people, our passions, our purpose, our pleasure- always pays the price.

As I’m sure you can imagine, that was not a particularly pleasant place to be in, but it absolutely was what propelled me to take action. In that moment, I knew I had to change, if I were to move forward in my life at all and fulfill my dreams. Something clicked inside (how and when that happens for each of us is one of the big, beautiful mysteries on this process) and I made a commitment to my healing. 

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The journey back home…

I spent the following decade of my life traveling the world, from Greece to the UK to the US to Thailand, studying intensively different healing disciplines and engaging in my own, long-term therapy and self-development work. My studies included depth psychotherapy, eating and body-image psychology, yoga, dance and somatic movement therapy, energy healing, Tantra and Alchemy, chakra and archetypal work, and Goddess spirituality.

Everything I learnt, I applied on myself first. Knowing that I wanted to help other womxn find a way out of the grip of food fear and body shame gave me a greater purpose and carried me through the most difficult parts of the journey.  

It was this combination of Eastern and Western, spiritual and practical, scientific/evidence-based and alternative, ego and Self/soul work combined that became my medicine. That is exactly how I realised first-hand that food and body challenges are simply the outer, surface-level symptom of deeper unresolved issues and imbalances, and as such, go far beyond diet and exercise; their root-causes cover the whole spectrum of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and every aspect of our lives and selves needs to be touched, for true healing to take place.


The present…

Over a decade later, those years now feel like a bad dream…Going through this process gave me a freedom much greater than I could have ever imagined. It’s not only that my unhelpful thoughts and behaviours around food and body are not part of my reality anymore, which of course is big and amazing in itself. It’s more that my whole life and relationship with myself, my body and my soul have changed beyond recognition. 

I firmly believe that our struggles with food and body are, ultimately, an initiation; an invitation to grow into a more embodied, free and whole version of ourselves. They are a message from our souls, manifesting through our bodies, that certain things need to be looked at and shift, that certain parts of ourselves need to be reclaimed and healed. The more we try to fix or get rid of the outer symptoms, the stronger those get and the more caught up into the battle we get.

Deciding to look inward might seem scary at first. It is the ‘road less travelled’ in the image-obsessed culture we live in. Yet, I can promise you, what awaits you on the other side -a body that is truly free, a life that is fully lived, a ‘you’ that you know and love deeply- is more than worth it!

You don’t have to do it alone!

You really shouldn’t have to. I came all this way, because I was excellently supported by my own teachers, therapists, coaches and mentors, and by other incredible women, who had walked the path before me and served as my role-models, guides and catalysts. It is my purpose to give back the support and inspiration I was blessed with and pass it on to the women out there, who need it the most! Maybe that is you? 🙂 





The Professional Journey ~ Part 1

Following the completion of my postgraduate studies and professional trainings, I set up a thriving psychotherapy practice in London, UK, and spent a number of years working as an Eating Disorders specialist, helping womxn with serious forms of disordered eating recover and develop a healthy, loving and fulfilling relationship with themselves and their bodies.

During this period, it became really obvious to me that clinical eating disorders represent only a small percentage of women’s difficulties with food and body. They are one end of the spectrum, and, sadly, it is often only when the issue becomes too serious to ignore, that womxn decide to do something about it. And yet, it is incredibly rare to meet womxn who don’t struggle in their relationship with food and their bodies, in some way.

Statistics confirmed my experience: 9 out of 10 women are currently unhappy with their body, weight and/or shape. And what struck me even more, and still does, is the extent to which that is being perceived as ‘normal’, ‘a given’, ‘part of being a woman’.


The shift ~ Part 2

I felt called to do something about it. To expand my practice and offerings, to include those womxn who are not necessarily struggling with an actual eating disorder, but who are nonetheless engaged in a battle with food and their bodies.

Based on the statistics, this is a call to 9 out of 10 of you out there. Body Prema has been created for you.

Its purpose is to facilitate a ‘new normal’ in your relationship with yourself and your body. Dieting, feasting and fasting, self-punishment, perpetual deprivation and body loathing are not ‘normal’. They are not just ‘how women are’ or ‘are supposed to be’. This is what the Project/Problem Body Culture has taught us to believe -and it’s a lie. 

We are more than that! We deserve better. We deserve to love the body and life we have been blessed with. And I’m wholeheartedly committed to helping you discover a radically different reality and supporting you every step of the way.

Are you ready? Click here to learn more about the Body Prema™ Alchemy Coaching Program, and find out how you can embark on your journey to radical food and body freedom today!

Professional Bio

Stella Stathi MA is a qualified, experienced Jungian/Somatic Psychotherapist and Coach, Women’s Eating Psychology & Body-Image Specialist, Feminine Embodiment Teacher & Energy Healer. She holds a Master of Arts Degree in Integrative/Jungian Psychotherapy and has also been trained extensively in Body Psychotherapy and Somatic Coaching, as well as in a variety of therapeutic schools and healing modalities.

Stella worked for several years as a leading Eating Disorders Specialist in her private psychotherapy practice in London, UK, before expanding into online coaching and mentoring for women, who struggle with eating difficulties and negative body image, but do not necessarily suffer from clinical eating disorders, in addition to continuing her eating disorders therapy practice.

In 2014, she created Body Prema™: The Psycho-Spiritual Path to Radical Food & Body Freedom; a unique, transformational, holistic approach, bringing together Jungian Psychology, Feminine Spirituality and Mind-Body Medicine, designed to guide women into healing their relationship with Food and their Body, once and for all, from the inside out.

Stella works privately with women from around the world, over the Internet, and offers in-person workshops, trainings and retreats around Europe.

Trainings & Qualifications


  • Bachelor’s Degree (BSc) in Psychology -Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Master’s Degree (MA) in Integrative/Jungian Psychotherapy & Healing Practice -Society for Psychology & Healing, through Middlesex University, UK
  • Level II Professional training in Somatic Movement Therapy -Leven Institute for Expressive Movement, USA
  • Master Practitioner qualification in the treatment of Eating Disorders, Disordered Eating and Body-Image Issues -National Centre for Eating Disorders, UK
  • Professional Training in Eating Psychology and Mind-Body Nutrition -Institute for the Psychology of Eating, USA
  • JourneyDance teacher Level II certification; a ritual-form of creative, chakra-based, body-positive movement modality -USA
  • 250-hr Yoga teacher certification, with Shiva Rea -Samudra School for Living Yoga, USA
  • Further trainings in therapeutic and yin yoga, mindfulness meditation and yoga psychology
  • Reiki Master Teacher and Healer initiation, and Reiki Drum practitioner qualification, with Sarah Gregg, UK
  • In-depth studies in Chakra Psychology and Mind-Body Therapy, with Anodea Judith -Sacred Centers, USA
  • Somatic Trauma Therapy Training with Babette Rothschild, UK
  • Year-long Priestess training and initiation with Elayne Kalila Doughty -Priestess Presence Temple / 13 Moon Mystery School
  • Year-long Priestess training and certification with Vanessa Sage -Sage Priestess