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I believe your Body is beautiful, sacred and miraculous!


I believe it is your birthright to live totally FREE from Food concerns, fully comfortable and confident in your skin, treating yourself like the sacred being you really are.


I believe you deserve this. I know you can have it. 


And it would be my greatest pleasure and honour to guide you there.

Hello, friend!

I’m so happy and honoured that you are here and want to find out more about me! My name is Stella Stathi and my greatest passion and life’s mission is helping heart-centered womxn deepen and heal their relationship with Food and their Bodies, from the inside out, through the power of embodied Soul-Work. 

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And what makes me so passionate about this work and qualified to support you on your journey to Food and Body Freedom? Two things:


  • My personal story

  • And my professional journey

Let’s begin with the first… (OR jump straight into the professional bit! )


The background, the struggle…

stella foodI was born and raised in a family where dieting, desperate weight-loss talk and body-hatred were a daily reality -every single woman in my close family has had food and body-image issues. I began emotionally overeating when I was 7 and went on my first diet at the age of 9. I kept dieting, on and off, throughout my teenage years, until, at 17, following a painful break-up, I just stopped eating. I would go through whole days with just an apple and a small yoghurt…and lots of coffee! I passed my final exams to get into university practically eating nothing.

For the next 8 years, dieting and exercising compulsively became my way of life. I remember religiously counting calories, eating only fat-free, checking my body constantly throughout the day and making stepping on the scales part of my morning routine. The number I saw and the amount of flesh I would pinch would solely determine my mood and self-confidence for the rest of the day… And after some time of ‘successful’ dieting, those occasional binge-episodes would become more frequent, where I would just allow myself to eat anything and everything I had deprived myself of for so long. I believe I don’t even need to talk to you about the amount of guilt, shame and frustration that waited for me the next morning…

Have you heard that prompt about being ‘your own best friend’? Well, I can safely say that back then I was my own worst enemy, my harshest judge and greatest saboteur. I had convinced myself that I had no needs -rather, that I didn’t deserve to have any- and was most proud when I could bypass my body’s signals altogether. And beneath all that, I knew painfully well, lied this feeling of never being enough…good enough, pretty enough, skinny enough, interesting enough…just never ever enough… The worst part of all? I really thought that was ‘normal’! I thought that was the way women were supposed to live their lives; deprived, self-imprisoned and ever dissatisfied. I had never seen anything different all around me, so had no idea what another option would look like…


The turning point

It took me something less than a decade to realize the pain, restriction and harm I was causing myself and decide that it was time to do something about it. My turning point came as a combination of three painful realizations:

  • I reached a point of utter exhaustion; my chronic, non-existent self-care and my harsh, limiting and pleasure-deficient eating and exercise habits, had completely drained my system and, as I was to find out later, I was living purely on adrenaline (in other words, my body’s fuel was good old stress..)
  • I felt like a total fraud; I was supposed to be the go-to person for health and wellness, and was dreaming of guiding and teaching people about it professionally, but how could I possibly do that, when I had obviously no idea how to really care for myself and my own body?
  • All my relationships were suffering –because let’s face it; as much as we want to believe otherwise, when we don’t truly love ourselves, we cannot be really present and unconditionally loving towards anybody else. (just in case you thought self-care and self-love were selfish…)

That was a lot to take in and not a very pleasant place to be in, but it was also what propelled me to take action. There’s a reason you constantly hear ‘everything starts with awareness’. In that moment, I knew I had to change, if I were to move forward in my life at all and fulfill my dreams. Something clicked inside and I just took the leap.  

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The journey back home…

stella about pic2I spent the following decade of my life traveling the world, from Greece to the UK to the US to Thailand, studying intensively different healing disciplines and immersing myself in therapeutic and self-development practices. I studied formal psychology and psychotherapy, eating psychology and feminine issues, yoga, dance and other body-based modalities, energy healing, Tantra and Alchemy, the Law of Attraction, archetypes and goddess traditions.

Everything I learnt, I applied on myself first. I practically made my healing journey the prototype and blueprint of what I was later going to share with other women on the same path -with you.  

It was this combination of Eastern and Western, spiritual and practical, mainstream and alternative, ego and Self -body, mind, heart and Spirit coming together that freed me. That is exactly how I learnt first-hand that food and body issues go far beyond diet and exercise; they involve every aspect of your being -physical, mental, spiritual and emotional- and your whole life and self need to be touched, for true healing to happen.

Most importantly, I engaged in my own, long-term personal therapy and coaching, along with my continuing embodied spiritual practice and inquiry. That was the biggest journey of all. Beyond all the qualifications and professional experience, it is my own, life-long, healing journey, from serious disordered eating and body hatred, into a juicy, loving and freedom-filled relationship with food and my physical being that I draw on, in working with beautiful women like yourself, and guiding them into the same path of freedom, feminine embodiment and body love.

I’ve always been all about synthesis and inclusion. What I had to learn separately, from many different sources, teachers and models, in a whole decade, I set out to bring together into ONE, multi-level, complete, integrated system. That is how and why Body Prema™ was created.


What today looks like…

stella about pic 3Almost a decade later, those years of deprivation, self-loathing and shame now feel like a bad dream…like it was somebody else in my body going through it and not me. And I think that is quite accurate; I am not the same person, not the same woman I was back then.

In all honesty…

  •  I haven’t restricted, counted calories or even had a second thought -let alone guilt!- about what I eat for more than 8 years now! Neither have I used food for emotional reasons.
  • I believe that my body is beautiful -more beautiful today than ever. I love it SO much and we’re having so much fun together!
  • And I really cherish myself and am deeply grateful for my unique being, with all my strengths and weaknesses, blessings and flaws.

Has this whole process been linear and straight-forward, with no setbacks and adversities? Not at all! Have I been a perfect eater, body lover and self-carer all this time (is there even such a thing)? No way! But, at the end of the day, this is what it’s all about; learning to love and appreciate your perfectly imperfect self, being flexible and compassionate, and having the right support throughout your journey.

You don’t have to do it alone!

You shouldn’t have to. I came all this way, because I was excellently supported by my own teachers, therapists, coaches and mentors, and by other incredible women, who had walked the path before me and served as my role-models, guides and catalysts. It is my life’s purpose to give back the guidance, help and inspiration I was blessed with and pass it on to the women out there, who most need it! Is this you?




The Professional Journey ~ Part 1

Following the completion of my postgraduate studies and professional trainings, I set up a thriving psychotherapy practice in London, UK, and spent the last few years working as a leading Eating Disorders Specialist, helping women with serious forms of disordered eating fully recover and develop a healthy, loving and fulfilling relationship with themselves and their bodies.

During this period, it became too obvious to me that clinical eating disorders represented only a small percentage of women’s difficulties with food and body. They were just one end of the continuum, and it was only when the issue became too severe to ignore, that women decided to do something about it. And yet, it was so unbelievably rare for me to meet a woman content and happy with her body and the way she looked, and not have some sort of love-hate relationship with food.

Statistics more than confirmed my observation and experience: 9 out of 10 women are currently unhappy with their body, weight and/or shape. And what struck me even more, and still does, is the extent to which that is being perceived as ‘normal’, ‘a given’, ‘part of being a woman’.


The shift, the calling, the present…

I felt called to do something about it. To expand my practice and offerings, to include those women who are not necessarily struggling with an actual eating disorder, but who are nevertheless engaged in a battle with food and are far from loving their own bodies.

Based on the statistics, this is a call to 9 out of 10 of you out there. Body Prema has been created for you.

Its purpose is to facilitate a ‘new normal’ in your relationship with yourself and your body. Dieting, feasting and fasting, self-punishment, perpetual deprivation and body hatred are not ‘normal’. They are not just ‘how women are’ or ‘are supposed to be’.

We are more than that! You are more than that. You deserve better. You deserve to love the body and life you have been blessed with. There is a new way of life, free from food concerns and worries, body shame and frustration, and ‘not good enough’ feelings awaiting for you. And I’m here to guide you there and hold your hand every step of the way.

Are you ready? Click here to learn more about the Body Prema™ Alchemy Coaching Program, and find out how you can embark on your journey to radical food and body freedom today!

Professional Bio

Stella Stathi MA is a qualified, experienced Jungian/Somatic Psychotherapist and Coach, Women’s Eating Psychology & Body-Image Specialist, Feminine Embodiment Teacher & Energy Healer. She holds a Master of Arts Degree in Integrative/Jungian Psychotherapy and has also been trained extensively in Body Psychotherapy and Somatic Coaching, as well as in a variety of therapeutic schools and healing modalities.

Stella worked for several years as a leading Eating Disorders Specialist in her private psychotherapy practice in London, UK, before expanding into online coaching and mentoring for women, who struggle with eating difficulties and negative body image, but do not necessarily suffer from clinical eating disorders, in addition to continuing her eating disorders therapy practice.

In 2014, she created Body Prema™: The Psycho-Spiritual Path to Radical Food & Body Freedom; a unique, transformational, holistic approach, bringing together Jungian Psychology, Feminine Spirituality and Mind-Body Medicine, designed to guide women into healing their relationship with Food and their Body, once and for all, from the inside out.

Stella works privately with women from around the world, over the Internet, and offers in-person workshops, trainings and retreats around Europe.

Trainings & Qualifications


  • Bachelor’s Degree (BSc) in Psychology -Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Master’s Degree (MA) in Integrative/Jungian Psychotherapy & Healing Practice -Society for Psychology & Healing, through Middlesex University, UK
  • Level II Professional training in Somatic Movement Therapy -Leven Institute for Expressive Movement, USA
  • Master Practitioner qualification in the treatment of Eating Disorders, Disordered Eating and Body-Image Issues -National Centre for Eating Disorders, UK
  • Professional Training in Eating Psychology and Mind-Body Nutrition -Institute for the Psychology of Eating, USA
  • JourneyDance teacher Level II certification; a ritual-form of creative, chakra-based, body-positive movement modality -USA
  • 250-hr Yoga teacher certification, with Shiva Rea -Samudra School for Living Yoga, USA
  • Further trainings in therapeutic and yin yoga, mindfulness meditation and yoga psychology
  • Reiki Master Teacher and Healer initiation, and Reiki Drum practitioner qualification, with Sarah Gregg, UK
  • In-depth studies in Chakra Psychology and Mind-Body Therapy, with Anodea Judith -Sacred Centers, USA
  • Somatic Trauma Therapy Training with Babette Rothschild, UK
  • Year-long Priestess training and initiation with Elayne Kalila Doughty -Priestess Presence Temple / 13 Moon Mystery School
  • Year-long Priestess training and certification with Vanessa Sage -Sage Priestess