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Noun Love; Divine, unconditional, pure, ecstatic Love

Hello dear friend, 

Welcome to the Home of Body Prema™!

I’m Stella Stathi, Eating Psychology & Body-Image Coach, Jungian/Somatic Psychotherapist and Feminine Embodiment Teacher, for heart-centered, high-achieving women who are ready to break FREE from their battle with Food, Weight & their Body, once and for all, from the inside out!

My work is dedicated to helping you stop fighting the symptom (the food, the weight, the inches, your shape & size…) and heal the realinner roots of your Eating and Body-Image struggles instead, through deep soul and body-work, so that you can enjoy a life FREE from Food concerns, feel radiantly confident and comfortable in your skin, and ultimately turn your Body from a Battleground into a Temple that you adore living and moving in!

To guide you there, I have created Body Prema™: Food Fear to Food Freedom, Body Shame to Body Bliss, a pioneering Coaching/Healing Programme, bringing together Jungian Psychology, Feminine Spirituality and Mind-Body Medicine, into a powerful whole, with the Chakra System as the backbone, intentionally designed to help you set your Body and yourself radically and forever FREE!


Right now, I understand that your own reality might not be quite there yet…It probably looks more like that:

  • You are feeling sick and tired of endless dieting, calorie counting and fast-and-feast cycles, with no lasting results, that leave you feeling even more deprived and frustrated every single time.
  • You are completely fed up with limiting yourself to tasteless, supposedly ‘healthy’, boring foods that take away any sense of pleasure and juice from your eating and life
  • …and then eventually giving up control altogether, succumbing to your cravings and eating all that you had denied yourself, only to end up feeling terribly guilty and angry at yourself, while making promises to start dieting ‘on Monday’.
  • You are feeling painfully ashamed of and let down by your body, blaming it for everything that you are not feeling happy with in your life.
  • You find it impossible to silence that harsh, nagging, tireless little voice in your head that criticizes everything your do and makes you feel ‘fat’, ‘ugly’, ‘unworthy’, ‘less than…’, constantly comparing you with any and every woman your eye catches.
  • You feel that your self-esteem solely relies on your weight, shape and external appearance and you never feel ‘enough’.

This all sounds familiar? I SO hear you. I’ve been there too.

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I actually spent almost a decade of my life in that painful, restrictive place. And I know this: It’s not nice and it’s not pretty. It actually hurts a lot. It can really suck the life out of you.

But let me also assure you: There IS another way! There is another way to eat, breathe, move and live your life! I know, because I’ve done it. I have walked the path, step-by-step –rather stone-by-stone. I went from one extreme (emotional eating) to the other (extreme dieting, bordering anorexia), until I finally made my way to a healthy, loving, fulfilling, sacred relationship with myself and my body –one that I had never experienced before, one that I didn’t believe existed. I am a living example that this IS possible and so it’s possible for YOU too!

And I’m here to share with you everything I’ve learnt on my path, so as to make your own healing journey smoother, faster and much, much easier!

You are NOT weak, ill-willed, lacking in any way, greedy, undisciplined, or hopeless…your body is NOT faulty, wrong, ugly, a curse…  





Diets don’t work!

Does this come as a surprise to you? Well, research has proven what personal experience should have taught us by now: More than 95% of diets fail. And the reason diets don’t work? Simply put, because we, as female, multidimensional, holistic beings, and our sacred, magical bodies are not automatons; we are not machines! Diets are built on the premise that we need to suppress our bodies’ natural instincts, needs and desires, in favor of cold hard facts and externally-imposed knowledge. They teach us that our bodies are not to be trusted, that they are somehow ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’, and need to be tamed. They are based on control, order, rules, and ultimately, a ‘mind-over-matter’ approach –in other words, diets stand on masculine principles altogether. And what about healthy eating plans and exercise routines, you ask? Well, when practiced alone, these are still only partial solutions that can never get to the root of the issue. The reason being that they only focus on the physical aspect of eating and the body; what goes in and what goes out. And that’s such a limited perspective!      

What do all of these approaches fail to include and address? Precisely what makes you a complete, complex, feminine human being:

Your *inner* Body

Your Emotions

Your Thoughts & Mindset

Your Soul & Spirit

To be able to break free from food and body image difficulties once and for all, a well-rounded, holistic, body-inclusive, feminine approach that embraces all aspects of your being and catalyzes a radical and everlasting transformation is needed.



That’s exactly what Body Prema is all about!



I’ve created Body Prema™ as the ultimate response to all the one-dimensional, incomplete approaches to this fascinating subject that is food, eating, body and weight for women. In Body Prema™ Alchemy, my signature coaching program, I have brought together the most cutting-edge, psychological and scientific approaches and the time-tested, profound wisdom of complementary, spiritual and body-based practices, so that all levels of your being –physical, mental, emotional and spiritual- get included, enriched, healed and celebrated! In the Body Prema™ model, traditional mentoring meets somatic coaching, holistic nutrition blends with yoga, movement and dance become healing mediums, Tantra teachings merge with the Law of Attraction, while Energy healing, dream-work and the archetypes complete the tapestry of your healing journey.


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The well-kept secret…

Body Prema™, on the antipode of eating and exercise plans, is based on this fundamental principle: The Secret lies IN your Body! Your body holds and communicates with you a wisdom far greater, deeper and truer than your mind ever could. To be able to access that wisdom, you need to shift your attention from the outside (how it looks) to the inside (how it feels) of your body. Body Prema™ takes you deep inside your body and teaches you how to receive, recognize and trust your body’s signals and guidance, when eating, moving, being and living your life.  


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And yet this model goes even further. Releasing the symptom –the battle with food and your body- is but the first step. Body Prema™ is also about you discovering, appreciating and fully owning the magic, depth and imminent potential that lies within your physical body. It is about you realizing and living the truth that: Your Body is Beautiful, Sacred & Miraculous! It involves you growing and evolving as a person, as you deepen your loving relationship with your physical being.


It is about the woman you become, in the process: Embodied, Empowered, Free & Whole.


And it is ultimately about you turning your difficulties with food and your body into your personal path to Healing and Wholeness. Your relationship with food and body is so much more than calories, fat and exercise. It is an incredibly accurate reflection of your relationship with yourself, Life, your Soul. It is not separated from your story, from your life’s journey; rather, it is part of it. Therefore, true healing from food and body issues requires a profound transformation of your whole life and of YOU, as a woman. And, yes, it all starts in your Body! My wish and aim in Body Prema™ is for you to not only be free from your struggles with food and happy with your body –it is for you to be ecstatic, blissful, in awe and totally, madly in Love with your magical body and your sacred Life!  



Ready to take the first step towards Radical Food and Body Freedom?

“I cannot recommend Stella highly enough. The whole process has been a real blessing in my life.


I struggled with eating issues for several years, until I reached the point where I was fed up with myself, with my behaviour and with my life patterns. I told myself so many times that I was going to “sort this out on my own”, that “from tomorrow I will stop doing what I’m doing”, and so on. The truth is that without the help of a wonderful professional like Stella, I would have never truly closed that chapter of my life. Stella gave me the right tools to actually change my life and to overcome personal difficulties that I thought I was never going to be able to face. I would recommend working with Stella to everyone. Stella’s approach will help you rediscover yourself, understand yourself better and therefore improve your life.

At my lowest point, all I wanted was “to blossom”. I had this whole idea of getting rid of all those fears and conjectures that made me feel “never enough” and “trapped”; I wanted to flourish, I wanted to be proud of myself, to cherish the person I am.

Well, that’s what Stella helped me do: blossom! And I’ll be forever grateful for that!”


“Working with Stella has helped change my life beyond recognition.


I’ve worked through blocks I didn’t know I had and feel so much freer than I believed possible. Stella’s warmth, caring and insight made is easy for me to truly trust her early in our work together and has allowed me to make significant shifts in a short time frame. She’s never pushy or demanding and is wholly focused on what moves you forward. She’s comfortable in being fluid in where the conversation leads but can also gently guide it back on track. I love her blend of old and new world.

If I could describe Stella
’s method I would say this: compassion, acceptance and wise in a way that feels fresh. I wasn’t sure how sessions on Skype would work but they have been every bit as powerful as having them in-person, which has allowed us to continue with our work, regardless of life circumstances; this is a huge benefit.

I absolutely recommend working with Stella, you have so much to gain.”



“Working with Stella has changed my life. I strongly believe I couldn’t be in the place I’m in right now without her help.


In the beginning, I was embarrassed and terrified. I was hesitant about actually making the commitment, which would mean taking an irreversible step away from my old life. I had been struggling with food and body-image issues for many years and, after several failed attempts to get better, I finally accepted I couldn’t do it alone. I realised I needed professional help.

Working with Stella helped me develop my ability to just be; to be comfortable in my skin, my surroundings and with the challenges that come my way.
From this came the end to my eating struggles, improvement in the relationships in my life and a general happiness I hadn’t felt in years. The assignments Stella gave me and her feedback were extremely helpful. Learning to listen to my body and get out of my head is something I will use for the rest of my life.

I will be eternally grateful to Stella for her help and I would strongly urge anyone in a similar position to give her a chance to help them too!”


*Clients’ full names have been concealed, to protect their confidentiality, in the context of Stella’s former psychotherapy practice.